Installment without credit bureau

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Meanwhile, many people have the problem that they have received an entry in the credit bureau. Then the installment payment is necessary to avoid the purchase price. The simple way of vacation financing without credit bureau Do a car purchase despite credit bureau entry? This is basically possible through loans without consultation with the so-called “protection association for general credit protection”.

Is it possible to order from us despite the negative credit bureau? You can find out here!

Is it possible to order from us despite the negative credit bureau? You can find out here!

Meanwhile, many people have the dilemma that they have an entrance into the credit bureau. The payment options are very limited in this case. As a rule, all that is required is prepayment, otherwise there is an excessive risk of default for the company. Payment by billing, installment, credit card payment and with payment break is then not possible.

But you should also have understanding for him. First, he checks the creditworthiness of the client. If there have already been anomalies or if the order has already been received by us, but has not been paid for always, only prepayment is usually possible. But what must you do if you want to order from us despite credit bureau?

The product range of Neto is broad.

The product range of Neto is broad.

If you want to buy something, you must first select the appropriate items and place them in your individual Neto shopping cart. After you have completed the shopping basket and want to place your orders, log in to the customer center with the Neto access data. If you want to proceed with the processing of orders, you need to show the shopping cart.

Then click on the menu item “Checkout”. You now get to the current order process and can see which payment methods are available for selection. As a rule, you can choose between different payment methods in our shopping basket. However, if you have a name in the credit bureau registry, you can only pay in advance.

In this case, the customer has no option but to settle the invoices in advance in order to receive the goods from the supplier. Of course, an entry into the credit bureau and thus a negative credit rating is the reason why only the advance payment is offered. But there may be other reasons why we offer only the payment method.

This may include, for example: We reserve the right to propose only prepayment. Like other companies, the risk of failure must be reduced. If you are not sure why you can only pay in advance, you should contact Neto Customer Service. If in doubt, you can contact us.

You have a complete overview and can provide information about why the customer account is not activated for the other payment methods. If you would like to order part shipments without a credit bureau request, we recommend that you use an installment credit, in which no credit bureau entries are requested. So you can easily shop without annoying credit bureau requests.

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